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Therapist Kinga Toth


Kinga’s life changed in the summer of 2011 when she survived a near fatal motorbike accident on the island of Bali. Only a year before Kinga had been part of a Shamanic initiation and it was perhaps this experience that enabled her to draw on her inner healer to not only aid her recovery but also set her on a path where she would deepen her healing practice. A path that has ultimately led her here, where she is now in a position to help heal others.

Shortly after her incident Kinga completed her Ohashiatsu massage training, and gained experience of how acupressure on meridians in the body could unblock trapped energy, therefore creating greater balance, harmony and flow of the inner energies and thus improving physical mobility. Kinga has since completed a course in Quantum Essence Massage as well.

Thanks to Kinga’s background in classical ballet and contemporary dance she started to look at ways of combining movement with therapy and this resulted in her completing a body-centred psychotherapy course with Tim Brown in 2016. Kinga has gone on to be an assistant of him in this practice, developing vital experience and variation in ways of dealing with physical, mental and spiritual trauma.