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Therapist Emma Lavelle


Emma had the privilege to study 5 Elements Acupuncture in the old way of the master/apprentice. Her teacher is of the old vanguard of 5 Elements Masters and adheres to the diagnosis of the root cause of illness in each individual. Through a lengthy discussion of the patients’ history, both medical and emotional a way back to health is chosen. As a patient, her first treatment was both profoundly transformative and a catalyst to what she now sees as my calling.

The Chinese sages of old studied nature and the cycle of the seasons. They saw that the human spirit is one of the most striking realizations of the natural world. Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Autumn, Winter- Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. Within each of us, the seasons connect and flow. But for each of us, one is more poignant, it marks our life in both positive and negative ways. The elements give us a certain emphasis in life, making some of us light-hearted and full of laughter, others anxious and more fearful, some determined and directed and others indecisive and unclear.

In 5 Elements Acupuncture we look for which of these elements, in particular, is expressing itself in the patient, using color, sound, odor and emotion as diagnostic tools. Once diagnosed we work on the root cause of illness and bring the patient back into harmony and balance. As Emma has witnessed in the treatment room, there is a lifting of mood, increased energy, stress subsides, pain is alleviated, sleep is more peaceful and physical symptoms disappear. When the element is found and worked with patients often say they feel more themselves, know themselves better and affect the changes they need in their lives to find happiness and peace within themselves.