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Therapist Claire Paul


Claire has been a practicing and qualified massage therapist for over 20 years, specializing in Deep tissue, Swedish and Thai yoga massage. She works intuitively with the body and uses a combination of techniques from different traditions, making each message unique and tailored to a person’s needs. Claire is passionate about the power of touch and its soothing benefits for the body and mind.

Having trained with the British Wheel of Yoga, Claire has taught yoga and meditation since 2007. She is a trained life coach and her own journey has led her to helping couples to reconnect, connect more deeply, increase intimacy and MOT their relationship. Through verbal and non-verbal connection exercises, breathing techniques, meditation, mindfulness, movement and massage, couples can build trust, intimacy, emotional intelligence, healthy communication and passion for each other.

Romantic love is a human drive, people love in spite of every other force on earth. Intimacy coaching is about learning to be more in the conscious mind rather than working from sub-conscious, autopilot programs. Relationships can thrive with effort and coaching can help couples explore and discover ways to uniquely connect with each other. Claire is conscious of working gently and is intuitive about being respectful of clients’ personal boundaries and privacy.