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Saint Augustines Events Centre

St Augustine's Arts & Events Centre is now a home for the Arts, Wellbeing, Spiritual and Hospitality sectors. It also has a funky Arts café. his project aims to become the archetype of what a community and cultural centre should be.

We have internal solutions for most community and small business gatherings and the gardens will also be used during the summer months to accommodate activities like cream teas, alfresco dining, cultural and spiritual activities, children's activities and corporate outdoor gatherings.

To date, we have hosted many types of events, including corporate conferences and celebrations, wedding receptions, humanist ceremonies, anniversaries, spiritual events, one year old to 70th birthday parties, to name a few.

Saint Augustines live music
Saint Augustines Yoga
Saint Augustines Exhibitions
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Holistic Therapies


Most of our staff have personal alcohol licences, barista training certificates, class 2 food hygiene certificates as well as several health and safety and venue management experience and certificates.

Errol and Joanna Barrett

Errol and Joanna Barrett, the owners and directors are the visionaries that made the vision for St Augustine's Arts & Events Centre a reality, so they are very committed to the community cause.Joanna's father, James Osbourne, was a famous Brighton sculptor who had commissions from the Queen, Lady Diana and foreign dignitaries to name just a few. Some of his works populate parts of the city such as Brighton Square, Marine Parade, Preston Park and even the grounds of Buckingham Palace and St James Park London.

Errol Barrett has over 34 years in business across marketing, property development and investments, publishing, inventions but bringing communities and small start-up businesses together is now his main calling.

We also have a range of voluntary staff who are an invaluable part of the overall day-to-day operation.

Gareth Smith

Gareth Smith, our DPS and trainee general manager is the son of Reverend Christy Smith from ELIM Church, the organisation that used to own the former redundant St Augustine's church.

Charlie Gray

Charlie Gray, our community chef, is very passionate about seasonal food and versatile with current café culture as well as fine dining. His culinary delights are a testament to that. He is also a lecturer in music.

April Doughtree

April Doughtree, a chef front of house and back of house personnel comes from a long line of caterers and all of her family members work within the catering industry. She is community through-and -through and a disruptor of the negative.

Sharon Kilgannon

Sharon Kilgannon, our arts and events personnel. She is also a professional photographer and she has a photo catalogue of St Augustine's before, during and after the restoration and conversion works to St Augustine's.

Stefan Derscariu

Stefan Derscariu, a graduate equipment and sound technician, events specialist, musician and community tribe member. He is very different, conscious, spiritual but also like to express himself in an artistic manner.

Ben Adams

Ben Adams, a videographer, events specialist, musician and community tribe member who is well-connected spiritually and holistically but also like to express himself in an artistic manner.

Charities, Environmental Groups

We also have a number of charities, environment and special needs groups that use our space on a regular basis.

Our group associates range from the Chicken Shed the special needs theatre group for young adults, Team Domenica special needs group, Band of Brothers, to Extinction Rebellion, Green Peace and Friends of the Earth.

Sussex and Brighton Universities have also used our space for educational NGO research and other groups like The Green Party and The Labour Party have also used the space for workshops and gatherings.

Saint Augustine's render 1 Saint Augustine's render 2 Saint Augustine's render 3

Wellbeing Solutions

Our local doctors surgery is a regular user of our events space and they have some 11,000 patients on their books.

They also used our space for innovative and ground breaking workshops and seminars that are designed to change the way that they see and treat patients.

We also have counsellors, wellbeing volunteers and practitioners that regularly visit our premises in order to help community members who are in need of some TLC.

Tuesday evenings are dedicated to various types of theatre groups whilst Wednesday evenings are focused on Argentine Tango, Gong and Acupuncture healing groups.

We have Brighton's number 1 community yoga studio " SPACE Yoga Studio" based on our site and we are also a hub for BAFTA award-winning animators that have created for CBBC, the BBC's children's channel.

Green & Sustainable Solutions

We are also championing eco-friendly initiatives and we have an innovative team that is dedicated to promoting sustainable energy solutions for businesses.

Over 90% of the furnishing, lighting and abstract artwork within the eclectic EARTH arts and culture café has been up-cycled from St Augustine's waste materials and other materials have been sustainably sourced.

The St Augustine's scheme is heavily influenced by the creative and performing arts and this is consistent throughout this unique community-based development. It also functions as a venue for events such as Artist Open House, Brighton Festival and Fringe Festival.

Our Mission

We simply seek to bring people of all cultures together so that they can be entertained, educated, trade and have good food in our EARTH arts & culture café as well as stimulate creativity.

Tel: 0800 014 1434