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Scar Therapy

Our scars tell a story of our lives and are part of us. However, scars can leave us feeling uncomfortable, both from the appearance and the ongoing physical or emotional effects they can have on both the body and the psyche. Scar Therapy addresses these issues and can have amazing, restorative results.


ScarWork is a form of scar therapy to aid the healing and functionality of wound, post operative or burn scars and the surrounding areas.

Healing and integration of physical scars through the techniques of ScarWork and Myofascial Bodywork can help with any post-op or injury scars including joint replacement, mastectomy, open heart surgery, C-Section, burns, whiplash, sports injuries, self-harm scarring, drain sites and skin grafts.

The techniques work to soften and release adhesions and restrictions, resulting in improved mobility, functionality and appearance. Scars appear smoother, flatter and less prominent, often with profound functional changes. Scars respond irrelevant of their age and the healing continues for a few weeks after a session. A feeling of overall integration of body and mind can result from ScarWork sessions.

ScarWork often results in large whole body integration shifts along with trauma resolution. Nerve-impaired numbness usually resolves within a session, though response to treatment is individual.

ScarWork and Myofascial Bodywork are gentle, light touch techniques and the amount of change in one intervention can be extensive.

Scar Therapy also works to release emotional scarring which can happen as a result of the trauma around the physical scarring, or as a therapy in its own right (see ‘Emotional Scar Therapy) for the integration and healing of emotional scarring that is causing problems in our lives.

Emotional Scar Therapy

These sessions work with body therapy, body psychology and yoga nidra techniques to bring to light what may be causing physical conditions, or unease and unhappiness in your life. The mind and talking therapies cannot always solve what is blocking us due to buried memories or beliefs held by the body, that are inaccessible to the mind, and standing in the way of wellness. By putting the body in charge of the process and bypassing the rational mind, release is initiated and new energy and wellness can flow into our lives and deep healing and integration can take place.

These sessions can also help to identify and release self-defeating beliefs and lead to experiencing our emotions in a healthy way.

Emotional Scar Therapy can help with a whole range of issues including stress, anxiety, depression, nervous disorders, PTSD and trauma, exhaustion, shock, hyper-arousal, relationship problems, sleep disturbance, lack of confidence and self-esteem and debilitating body tension.

Sessions last an hour and a quarter and care is taken to ensure you feel comfortable and safe. We work together from a quiet space to access your body’s innate wisdom as to what needs your attention. Different options are incorporated into sessions personally for you. Some people are comfortable talking while others may prefer a hands-on bodywork approach, or a combination may be appropriate. A feeling of lightness and integration is usually experienced at the end of a session. A few sessions are recommended to allow time for trust to build and to get to the root of the issue.