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Rough Diamond
Arts CaféTM

Come and have a Barista style coffee and sample some of our chef's delights. He is very different and passionate about simple, creative, locally sourced seasonal food.

Tel: 0800 014 1434

Roasted Coffee
Coffee & Cake
Chocolate Cake
Rough Diamond Arts Cafe Coffee
Rough Diamond Arts Cafe Colours
Rough Diamond Arts Cafe Smoothies
Rough Diamond Arts Cafe Fruit
Asparagus Salad

This is one of many tasty dishes of the day at our Rough Diamond Art Cafe British asparagus, our own home-made hummus, foraged kale shoots, wild leak puree, tomato and avocado salsa.. Absolutely delicious The environment is eclectic and very different but the food is seasonal, good, local and creative.

Flat Bread Salad

Here’s another peek at one of our tasty lunch plates.. smashed avocado fresh tomato, locally foraged baby leeks, feta topped off with organic extra virgin olive oil and hemp seeds yes, yes, yes!!

Chocolate cake & Coffee

We have lots of gorgeous cakes to accompany our delicious Barista coffee and Award Winning speciality ceremonial teas for tea connoisseurs, this one goes out to all you veggie/vegans... oat milk latte and vegan chocolate cake. Yes, that's right, you know you can't resist it so treat yourself, you deserve it!!! If this too naughty for you then why not try our Raw Coconut and Lime Cheesecake with gogi berries on a date and brazil nut base. its a sin not to have one of these!!!!

Great Coffee
  • Barista service
  • Coffee beans from around world
  • Large & small regional, crops, batch and blends
  • Fantastic juices
  • Exotic teas
  • Award winning pastries and cakes
  • Healthy meals
  • Locally seasonally sourced ingredients
  • Ethical suppliers
Space to Relax
  • Free Wifi
  • Great service
  • Spacious environment
Creative minds

For the arts, spirituality and wellbeing

PLENTY - Veg dish Plenty - Food dish Plenty - Pancake dish Plenty - Cakes and drinks Plenty - Scones with Cream & jam Plenty - Cakes & Prosecco Plenty - Scones, Coffee & Cake Plenty - Cakes & Sandwhiches Plenty - Expertly poured coffee Plenty - pancake with blueberries & jam