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Book an Intuitive Body-centred Therapy session

Restorative Energy Work

The sessions are tailored towards the individual, the therapists unique, skilled and sensitive approach allow the client to fully relax and immerse themselves into the moment, providing the right conditions in which healing can take place. It combines an understanding of the client’s wishes for healing through discussion of their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual states while listening to the sympathetic resonance the therapist feels for the client, what follows is an intuitive flow using the healing methods above as a session unfolds. This means each session follows a different flow dependent on the healing needs of the client in each moment.

During the session you are invited and guided through a blessed journey so that you can discover what your body has to tell you. This could result in forgotten memories or traumas being brought up to your conscious awareness, this is a necessary part of deeper healing process. Your therapist’s presence and her support will help you to follow this process through to its completion so that you may witness the release of tension and enjoy the relief this offers. It is hoped that this experience offers you short and long term benefit.

Each session is non invasive and experienced fully clothed and will take between 60-90 minutes depending on your present situation and your therapist’s assessment of what needs to be completed. Please feel free to be as open and honest as you can with her so that you can make the most of this opportunity.