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Book a Hot Stone Massage

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Hot Stone therapy is a form of massage that uses hot and cold stones. The hot (water heated) stones are smooth volcanic black basalt, collected from riverbeds. The cooled stones are polished white marble.

The treatment starts with an ordinary massage using oil; stones are then in-troduced in various combinations and patterns to specific areas of the body depending upon the needs of the client. The hot/cold combination stimu-lates blood flow (thermotherapy), the cold reduces inflammation and swell-ing (cryotherapy) and has an analgesic (pain-relieving effect. This form of bodywork can be used to alleviate chronic and acute muscular problems.

The overall treatment has the beneficial effects of increasing circulation and lymph drainage, which improves cell and physical metabolism as well as producing a deeply relaxing, meditative state. The whole experience creates an optimum healing environment and helps the body to rebalance.