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Herbalism kindles value and respect for the gifts of nature, the Earth’s donation to wellness. Herbalism allows us to grow or reestablish our connection to energies that plants contribute to life. Herbalism involves the use of plants for health and healing. Herbalism is the study of how plants act as medicines.

By taking plants into our bodies they become one with us, support, nourish, comfort and restore us. Botanical therapy is smelling a flower, eating a green leafy vegetable, grinding a root for spice, savoring a berry or making a syrup, drinking a tea, or drops of liquid extraction tinctures. Herbalism is a way to amass the science, history, and energy of plants as part of health.

Today, the practice of herbalism merges the wisdom of tradition with the discoveries of modern science for a system that uses botanical remedies spanning the physical, emotional, and spiritual. As nature is all around us, so too is herbal medicine offering empowerment and independence in our quest for well-being.