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Mindfulness & Meditation

The Mindfulness & Meditation is intuitive awareness. Although this is our natural state of being, our minds become endlessly obsessed by the changing objects of our mind s attention (i.e. thought s, feelings, role identities etc).

The aim of this group is to bring the minds attention back to its natural state of being. By abiding in this state one comes to recognise that which is unchanging and uncreated.

The focus is about reflecting on what arises and passes in the body and mind in the present moment without judgement or interference. All possibilities of conditioned phenomena arise and cease within this Awareness. This enables a sense of equanimity with regards to the various emotions and feelings that arise. Joy and peace are the fruits this practice.

The more attuned and familiar we become with this unchanging Intuitive Awareness, which is the essence of each and every being, the more at ease we become in our lives regardless of whatever circumstances we may be experiencing.

The first half of this group session will be about calming the body and mind through various meditation techniques including; Mindfulness of breathing, Nada yoga (the sound of silence) Mantra chanting and movement.

The second half will be a guided meditation with reflections on Intuitive Awareness and Self Realization. This group will be lead by Pamela Bruckshaw. Pamela has over 40 years of meditation practice.