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Clinical massage

Clinical massage is a method of massage therapy that creatively combines and applies a range of techniques to achieve a specific outcome – to get people out of pain or reduce it significantly enough to improve quality of life, increase the range of motion, improve posture and always to relax.

Many of the techniques used in clinical massage therapy are the same as those used in sports massage, soft tissue release, mho-fascial release (fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds all fibers, nerves, blood vessels and structures of the body), hot and cold, acupressure points, trigger points and stretching. Massage does not need to be painful to be effective; the concept of a ‘good hurt’ applies to clinical massage where the source of pain is addressed slowly and sensitively, working with the patient who is always in control.

Another feature of clinical massage is the emphasis on self-care. The therapist will discuss lifestyle issues if appropriate or teach the patient to do exercises or relaxation techniques at home to ensure that they are fully involved and in control of their recovery.