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Live Music event St. Augustine's

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Live Music

Want to know how to make the most out of your live music event? We have put together a list of tips to ensure that you, your friends and your family have the most enjoyable live music experience you’ve ever attended!

We’ll cover the best transport to take, what to wear, and how to live in the moment. Here’s what you need to know…

  1. Transport

    Having reliable transportation available for your live music event centre is crucial to avoiding stressful situations. Make sure you check all the options before you set off. Even if you think driving and paying for parking is your best option, other methods such as a train, bus, or ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft may be more efficient and less expensive. Other options include free shuttle services from nearby parking lots and transit stations.

  2. Clothing

    If you are watching a particular artist for the first time, do some research on what people typically wear to their events. Bring everything you need, but keep it simple.

    • It’s essential to have a bum bag if you want to carry less and hold everything in one place.
    • Wear comfortable shoes. We expect you to walk, dance, and even jump a lot during the event. During outdoor field events wear waterproof shoes and avoid wearing high heels or sandals!
    • Be sure to have a jacket if you are outside; check the weather before you leave to make sure they have appropriate clothing. Ideally, they should be warm and waterproof.

    Still need outfit inspiration? WhoWhatWear has created 10 cute outfit ideas for concerts!

  3. Avoid overcrowding

    Depending on the layout and the show itself, people might want to mosh pit or crowd surf, making it very overcrowded. When it comes to general admission, be prepared, be careful, and have a good time! Sit at the back or stand to the side of the crowd if you wish to avoid these interactions.

  4. Arrive on time

    Check the venue’s information about what time doors open and close before you decide to arrive fashionably late. Some places have the right to deny access if you arrive too late. Particularly if you plan to pick up tickets on-site, this is something to keep in mind.

  5. Live in the present and put your phone down!

    Musician Waves advises that “Going to a concert should be a mindfulness exercise: understand how a live performance can never be exactly repeated or reproduced and enjoy it fully.”

    Don’t use your phone to watch the concert and disturb people. Instead, take a few images and videos here and there and enjoy the experience around you.

  6. Charge your phone while on the go

    Chances are, your phone’s battery won’t last the whole show. Be sure to have a portable charger with you just in case so you can call people in case of an emergency. Charging areas do exist at larger events, so do your research before leaving.

  7. Best times

    Take a picture of the set times and check the setlists in advance. This way, you can plan when to step away to buy merch, get a beverage, or use the bathroom. You can find the set times online or at the box office. The time at a concert varies, and setlists are subject to change.

  8. Kids

    If you’re bringing your children for fun family activities, you should consider earmuff protectors. Whenever the music becomes too loud at concerts, giving your eardrums some extra protection with some earplugs or earmuffs is a good idea.

  9. Always be prepared

    If the crowd or music is too loud make sure to take painkillers to avoid headaches ruining your experience. You should also bring enough cash with you as a lot of the venues will sell food, drinks, and souvenirs.

    You can also:

    • Keep extra money on you in case of an emergency
    • Research Seating Views
    • Read and Write Concert Reviews

    If you’re still stuck on how to get prepared, Vivid Seats have written 7 ways to prepare for a festival here!

  10. Drink responsibly & stay hydrated

    Everyone loves seeing their favourite artists or bands at live shows but people do tend to consume more alcohol to enjoy the music. Remember to stay hydrated with water between each drink throughout the night.

    Also, don’t forget to have fun! If you’re at a Brighton festival or concert with the best live shows, make sure you’re enjoying every minute of it. Additionally, you probably spent quite a bit of money on this special night, so take advantage of it.

    By following these top tips and tricks you will be able to have fun and avoid a stressful time! We hope you have a great time at your next live music concert in Brighton!

Having an exhibition at St Augustine's was a great experience. The staff are eager to help and you feel very supported while there. It is a great space to exhibit in, with a lot of people calling in to use the other facilities. The atmosphere of the place is very special, it feels very inclusive and has great energy. I highly recommend the exhibition space and the Cafe is an added bonus. Thank you all for making me feel so welcome and making the exhibition a wonderful experience.
Chris Dade, Award winning photographer and exhibitor
Fantastic events space
Great customer service
Great bespoke facilities
Will use again and also recommend St Augustine's for other events.
Corporate Client, Chamber of Commerce
The staff at St Augustine's dealt all of my needs and provided an invaluable support service to my team of dancers and actors. Amazing place for contemporary and traditional dance pieces. We performed a sell out interactive theatrical production and it was very exciting.
Lee Smikle, Smikle Dance Project
The team at St Augustine's made my birthday a very special and memorable occasion.
Thank you.
Rosemary, Private party