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How To Create An Interesting Quiz In 8 Steps

Hosting a quiz is a great way to keep your audience engaged at any event you’re hosting, as long as you create an interesting one! So, how do you create an interesting quiz? Keep reading to check out our top tips.

  1. Create the perfect title

    The quiz title is just as important as the questions! If the title is right it will build excitement and make people smile before the quiz has even started.

  2. Decide what your quiz theme will be

    Organise your questions into categories. These categories may all come under a single topic. For example, if you were creating a sports trivia quiz your categories could be different sports activities. You could organise your quiz into 10 basketball, 10 football and 10 rugby questions.

    It helps if you choose categories which you are knowledgeable or passionate about. This will make it easier to write your questions and answers, whilst making the process more fun!

  3. Order the questions to keep people interested

    Make the first question funny and easy. It gives people the confidence to continue on with the quiz. Put the harder questions in the middle and right toward the end.

    Think of it like a roller coaster – questions should get harder and easier in an up and down and all around at different heights kind of way! This way people won’t lose interest if they can’t answer a question because they know one could be coming that they’ll know the answer to.

  4. Randomly position the correct answers

    Once you have written the questions, you need to decide on the positioning of the correct answers.

    For a multiple choice answer, choose how many options you are going to give people to select from. Mix up the positioning of the correct answers, don’t make A the correct answer for every question!

  5. Don’t make it too easy or too hard

    Have a goal in mind before you start creating the quiz. On average, guests and quiz players will usually get 7 out of 10 questions correct.

    You need at least one tough question. You might make it tough by having all the answers be nearly identical. If you make the quiz too easy it’s no fun.

    However, you also don’t want it to be too hard. Avoid questions like, “What year did X happen?” If it’s nearly impossible to guess the answer, it might discourage your attendees. Your quiz should involve some skill and not just rely on blind luck.

  6. Keep it a reasonable length

    People often have short attention spans! If you don’t want participants getting bored, avoid having too many questions. Remember – it’s a fun quiz! Try to keep the length of the quiz to 10 questions only. An exception to this could be if you are doing multiple rounds where the topic or style of quiz will change for each round.

  7. Question ideas

    You might do multiple rounds in your quiz. Let’s take a look at some topic examples you can use in your next quiz:

    • Music round

      For a music round, see if your audience can guess a song from the first ten seconds. Or, play a few lines of a song and challenge your guests to write down the next line.

    • Picture round

      In this round find iconic landmarks or images of important artworks, and give the audience a list of names to link up to the images. Keep it linked to your theme if you have one or it’s general knowledge, select things that people might know of, without it being too easy!

    • Video round

      If you have access to a screen, show a short clip from a film or TV series to your quiz players.

      Then ask them questions based on what they’ve seen. You could ask what colour someone was wearing or how many times an object appeared.

      Or play a “what happens next” round where you show your guests famous viral videos, pausing in the middle for players to write down what they think happens next.

    • Numbers round

      Ask a question based on numbers where the answer is almost impossible to get it correct. If you’re not doing multiple choices, you can get people to guess and the person who gets the closest to the correct answer gets the point.

      E.g. How many days would it take to travel to Mars?

    • Voices round

      See if your audience can identify famous people’s voices by playing them a small snippet from an interview. Start easy – choosing people with very recognisable voices, and then gradually choose people that will be harder to identify.

      If you’re still struggling to come up with topics for your quiz rounds, check out this list of 41 ideas here.

  8. Test your quiz out

    Before you do the real thing, get your friends and family to play your quiz, see how it goes and ask them for feedback. If everyone got all the answers correct or everybody found it challenging then you need to go back and make adjustments.

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