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5 Ways To Find Local Artists For Your Social Event

Displaying visual art in your social event venue can be great for engaging your guests. An exhibition space offers a quiet corner where your attendees can create conversation and get to know each other.

You can showcase many genres of local art such as modern art or surrealism to give your exhibit a variety of work that can be discussed!

Supporting your local artists will strengthen your community, increasing visibility for the artists themselves and keeping a positive atmosphere within your local area.

  1. Use social media

    Nowadays, it seems like everybody uses social media. Emerging and even established artists are turning to social media to promote their work. This also makes it easier for you to get in contact with them. Instagram and Facebook have direct messaging options as well as often linking to an email address. This makes social media an efficient way to find and contact local artists in your area.

    A common way artists will promote themselves and their work is through a dedicated Facebook page. These Facebook pages can act as “websites” to display work and contact information. Once you’ve opened Facebook try

    • Searching for particular artists you like
    • Joining local art Facebook groups
    • Searching through your community Facebook pages

    From here, you should be able to identify which local artists you’d love to display at your social event!

  2. Visit your local art galleries

    Local galleries will often showcase local artist’s work. By visiting a gallery you can open your eyes to a range of local artists in your area.

    When you’re browsing local galleries, keep open minded about the type of work you’d like to display at your social event. Once you’ve chosen pieces you’d like, you can purchase them or you may be able to hire certain works.

    Brighton and Hove has many unique galleries for you to explore:

    Hiring art for your social event is a great way to gather as much work as possible. You will then be promoting local artists in your area to your guests. By doing this you may increase business for your local artists and help your guests find art they’re interested in. At St Augustine’s Art and Event Centre, we hold many exhibitions showcasing local artists in our common areas.

  3. Go to art events

    An art event is traditionally when the art meets an audience, such as an exhibition. In exhibitions or art shows you may find work by a single artist, art around a specific topic, art from a specific era or in a particular style. Attending these events will allow you to see new and upcoming artists first hand.

    Visiting an exhibition is important to build your knowledge around art. According to Express Exhibition Display “these events often afford the opportunity to listen to insightful keynotes and absorb the wisdom of thought-leaders and innovators. They also give a good indication of where things are headed and you can get a chance to learn as much as possible.”

    Artists are often at the opening night of their exhibitions, meaning that you can approach them right away if you want their art for your social event.

    Other reasons you may want to go to an art event include:

    • Creative engagement
    • Networking
    • Change of pace
  4. Open Studios

    Artist open houses are perfect for scoping new talent for your social event. Artists in your area will open their homes or studios for the general public to browse and discover.

    According to Artacaia, “Open studios are not only a great way to discover new art, but also to inquire about the artist’s work (process, materials, price range), and about details of the purchase (paperwork, shipment)”.

    In Brighton, the artist open houses bring creatives and art lovers together. Visiting these studios gives a personal look into the life of the artist, which increases appreciation for their work.

    Having this face-to-face interaction is perfect for event art hunting. You can discuss the possibility of using art for your social event immediately.

  5. Look at the art in coffee shops and restaurants

    Cafes, coffee shops and restaurants that display local art can be a beautiful place to relax, meet with friends or work. Having the creative energy around you can even inspire your own projects.

    Brighton is home to many art coffee shops and restaurants, with Phoenix Art Space being popular in the area. A visit to this trendy coffee bar and arts café will certainly help you find exciting artists for your event.

    Next time you visit your favourite coffee shop, have a look around. You’ll be surprised at the amount of art you may have missed before. Taking the time to be still and focus can help you discover the art that you are looking for.

Having an exhibition at St Augustine's was a great experience. The staff are eager to help and you feel very supported while there. It is a great space to exhibit in, with a lot of people calling in to use the other facilities. The atmosphere of the place is very special, it feels very inclusive and has great energy. I highly recommend the exhibition space and the Cafe is an added bonus. Thank you all for making me feel so welcome and making the exhibition a wonderful experience.
Chris Dade, Award winning photographer and exhibitor
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