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St Augustine Garden

About us

A Foundation in Innovation
and Sustainability

St. Augustine's, a proud venture of Roche Barrett Estates, stands as a cornerstone in Brighton's property investment landscape, merging culture, commerce, and community. Our ethos champions a conscious business model, focusing on sustainability by minimizing waste, upcycling, recycling, and utilizing low-energy solutions.

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Pioneering a Sustainable Future

Our commitment to environmental stewardship is evident in our efforts to repurpose resources creatively, eliminate single-use plastics, and operate a comprehensive recycling system. This dedication not only reduces our ecological footprint but sets a benchmark for sustainable practices in the community.

NHS Ball - Main Hall - Aerial shot

Partnerships for a Greener Tomorrow

We actively seek collaboration with like-minded companies, enhancing our sustainability initiatives and working towards a global impact on environmental responsibility. Our shared commitment with our partners underlines our vision for a greener future.

Who created the St. Augustine's business and Wild Earth Events vision?

Behind the inception of St. Augustine's and Wild Earth Events stand Errol and Joanna Barrett, visionaries with a profound dedication to sustainable and cultural entrepreneurship. Errol Barrett, with over four decades of experience spanning marketing, property development, and more, brings a wealth of business acumen to the venture. Joanna Barrett, drawing inspiration from her heritage as the daughter of the esteemed Brighton sculptor James Osbourne, infuses the venue with artistic and cultural depth. Together, they champion conscious business practices that emphasize minimal waste, resourcefulness, and innovation, setting a foundation for a venue that not only respects the environment but also fosters cultural activities, creative enterprises, and community engagement. The team at St. Augustine's, equipped with diverse certifications and a commitment to continuous learning, mirrors the Barretts' ethos, embodying the spirit of innovation and sustainability that defines the venue.

Empowering Our Team

Our team's diverse certifications and commitment to sustainability further our vision. We strive for innovation, creativity, and a sustainable future, underpinned by our staff's expertise and dedication to conscious business practices.

Having an exhibition at St Augustine's was a great experience. The staff are eager to help and you feel very supported while there. It is a great space to exhibit in, with a lot of people calling in to use the other facilities. The atmosphere of the place is very special, it feels very inclusive and has great energy. I highly recommend the exhibition space and the Cafe is an added bonus. Thank you all for making me feel so welcome and making the exhibition a wonderful experience.
Chris Dade, Award winning photographer and exhibitor
Fantastic events space
Great customer service
Great bespoke facilities
Will use again and also recommend St Augustine's for other events.
Corporate Client, Chamber of Commerce
The staff at St Augustine's dealt all of my needs and provided an invaluable support service to my team of dancers and actors. Amazing place for contemporary and traditional dance pieces. We performed a sell out interactive theatrical production and it was very exciting.
Lee Smikle, Smikle Dance Project
The team at St Augustine's made my birthday a very special and memorable occasion.
Thank you.
Rosemary, Private party